Zeevik Gottlieb is a successful sculptor and blacksmith who creates his sculptures through observation and love of the human body while testing the boundaries of the material. He tracks the movement and flow that surrounds us providing his unique interpretation.

At 1200 degrees, Gottlieb turns raw steel into the fine outlines of the body, emotions, and relationships. In his worldview, everything can be softened, molded and reborn. The result is always a balance between the concrete and the abstract, embodying the artist’s private world, perceptions and memories.

In 2009, Gottlieb gained international acclaim by winning first place at the Iron Forging World Championship in Stia Italy, and been invited to participate in competitions and guide workshops around the world.

Zeevik started on this path in 1993. Over the years he accumulated valuable experience and diverse artistic capabilities, manifesting themselves in sculptors that incorporate iron and bronze as well as other natural materials such as wood, stone, and glass.


Born- 1972

1990-Graduated mechanical engineering high school


1993- Zeevik was introduced to Master blacksmith Uri Hofi and took a class in his blacksmith school.

1993-1998- Zeevik Gottlieb was trained by the best blacksmiths in Israel, such as Amnon Arlichman, Novoya Yamaguchi, Giora Biran and Shlomo Harel. 1998-2003- Self employed creating forged railings, gates and furniture.

In 2003, he was offered to join the Dean Curfman’s “Oak Hill iron works” – the h Big Blue hammer manufacturer, in the USA. He founded the “forging Big Blue hammer school” in association with “Oak Hill iron works” & “B2design”, where he trained other blacksmiths using “Free Hand Forging” technique, developed by Uri Hofi.

In 2005, he returned to Israel and was hired as production manager & chief blacksmith in “Arteferro”.

International Conventions

2014- Gottlieb was instructing a Master Class based on Uri Hofi method, at Guille- Forja , Barcelona.

2013- Gottlieb was invited, to sculpt with his Israeli students based on his unique teaching method. Zeevik performed in cooperation with his students the statue of ” Hephaistos” presented in Stia city hall. The group representing Israel gained extensive media coverage.

2013 – Gottlieb was teaching and demonstrating with Uri Hofi in” Ice Forge N.Y”.

2012– Gottlieb demonstrated alongside Uri Hofi in an international conference, “Forja viva”, Barcelona. On that occasion Gottlieb introduced his sculptures at the Maritime Museum and participated in creating a sculpture alongside Roberto Magni and Roberto Giordani, presented at the entrance to the Maritime museum.

2011- World championship & blacksmith biennale, Stia Italy.

2009 – World championship & blacksmith biennale, Stia Italy – winning first prize. The theme of the event was balance “COLOMBARIO”, and the winning sculpture was of a man and woman in an acrobatic posture. The sculpture was forged for 3 hours in front of a large audience and was chosen by five well-known international judges. The event was covered by international press in Europe

2007- “Bieanale Europea Darte Fabbri”, Italy

2005- “Bieanale Europea Darte Fabbri”, Italy

2004 – ABANA conference, Kentucky USA- demonstrating “power hammer” technique.

2003 – ABANA, Madison, Georgia USA

1995 – Helpstein, Czech Republic


2014- Imagination 2014. Israeli Art Exhibition

IMAGINATION 2014 is a fundraising event for the Israel AIDS Task Force, the exhibition, held annually, it is considered one of the most important and prominent events in the local art scene, thanks to the best artists in Israel.

2014-“Gentle Balance”. Gallery of The Scots Hotel , Israel.

2011-2014 – Paris, 16th district municipality

2013 -“Humor and Satire”. Alrov Mamilla Avenue, Jerusalem- outdoor sculptures.


2014- Zeevik Gottlieb teaches and demonstrates for groups and graduates of design schools, at his studio in the Valley of Elah , Israel. He teaches and demonstrates in Barcelona ,U.S.A ,Devon England.

2003-” Big blue power hammer school”- U.S.A. founded this school based on the “free hand forging” method by Uri Hofi.

Since 2003, Gottlieb teaches according to the method of Uri Hofi – forging techniques, tools, sculptures and working with free air hammer.

Gottlieb teaches using live demonstrations in the U.S.A, Europe and Israel.